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An increasing number of startup companies are introducing electronic contract services against the backdrop of remote work and DX. There are specific points that startup companies should grasp when introducing electronic contract services. In this article, we will explain why start-up companies should introduce electronic contracts, points to select services, and how to get business partners to use them.When a startup company introduces electronic contracts, be sure to compare the advantages and disadvantages. It is important for a startup company, which is in an early stage and has an unstable system, not to be at a disadvantage when concluding a contract.

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What electronic contract services can achieve for start-up companies. 1-1. Advantages of introducing electronic contracts for start-up companies The advantages of introducing electronic contracts for startup companies are the Malaysia Phone Number List following two points. Improving work efficiency Start-up companies have a small number of employees, so the number of man-hours that can be devot to contract conclusion work is limit. It takes time and man-hours to send the contract if you include not only the preparation of the contract document and affixing the seal, but also the purchase of stamps and stamps, the binding of the contract, the address entry, and the postal mail, etc.

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Your main business. Circumstances are also possible. In an electronic contract, a signature request for the conclusion of the contract is sent by e-mail, and the other party can affix an electronic signature from the receiv e-mail with the push of a SG Phone List button. As a result, binding and mailing work can be completely ruc, and contracts can be conclud efficiently. Cost ruction Start-up companies often conclude outsourcing contracts. In the case of a business consignment contract, it is necessary to affix stamps worth 4,000 yen to the original contract, but in electronic contracts there is no ne to affix stamps.

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