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Necessary measures should be taken early. We will introduce necessary countermeasures for the introduction of the invoice system. 3-1. Prepare an invoice for the invoice system Let’s prepare to issue a qualifi invoice, etc. together with the registration application for the invoice system. Unlike the invoices we have creat so far, there are additional items that must be includ. It is recommend to update the format in advance. The following six items of information are requir for a qualifi invoice. The name or title of the business issuin.

The qualifi invoice applicable tax rate

Its registration number; transaction date Transaction contents Total amount of consideration after classifying by tax rate, applicable tax rate Amount of consumption tax classifi by tax rate, etc. Name or name of business receiving South Korea WhatsApp Number List documents In particular, the registration number and the description of the applicable tax rate are points that will be different from before. 3-2. Reconfirm the workflow in accounting work The introduction of the invoice system may increase not only the tax burden but also the accounting burden. Businesses that issue qualifi invoices, etc. are requir to comply with the following four requirements.

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Issuance of Eligible Invoice

Issuance of qualifi return request form Issuance of Amend Eligible Invoice Copies management 3-3.Introduce the system according to the invoice system Considering the increas accounting burden due to the introduction of the invoice system, you may want to consider introducing or renovating the system on this occasion. With the introduction SG Phone List of the invoice system, many accounting systems are also urgently requir to respond. You may want to consider using this opportunity to modify the system you are using or select a new one to use. 4. It is important to think carefully about the introduction of the invoice system A woman thinking while tilting her head With the invoice system, it is not enough to just prepare the necessary items and follow the procures to comply with the system.

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