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Therefore, please aware that actions such as sending the form without the contents are in violation of labor standards relat laws and regulations. 3-2. In principle, documents can digitiz only if request In principle, working conditions are clearly stat in writing, and can digitiz only if the worker himself/herself requests it. Therefore, it is necessary to inform them that it can handl in writing or electronically, and to confirm which method is tter. 3-3. Fax, E-mail, SNS, etc. can us Methods that are recommend for digitization include those that can output and creat in writing, such as FAX, e-mail, and SNS.

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That cannot attach files due to character limits (SMS, etc.) are not appropriate. In addition, it is not permitt to expressly use mia such as blogs that are intend to view by third parties. 3-4. Send as an attachment instead of Paraguay Phone Number List writing it in the text Do not write in the body of the email or SNS. The reason is that the characters may cut off when print. Therefore, it is recommend to send it in the form of an attach file and include the date and time, the name of the person in charge, and the name of the place of business.

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The arrival of the electronic data with the worker After sending the notice of working conditions, let’s check whether the data has arriv at the worker. If it does not arrive, you will ne to take measures such as sending it again. Instruct them to SG Phone List print out the data as soon as it arrives and keep it in a safe place. 4. Pay attention to both the content and method of specifying working conditions working When hiring workers, the working conditions must clearly stat. Important details, such as wages, must clearly stat in a way that can kept at hand. In addition, from April 1, 2019, it is now possible to send not only written notices of working conditions, but also electronic ones.

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