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There is no change in the content of the 36 agreement, but you ne to be careful when filing. I will explain the differences from the old style and points to note. 2-1. Differences between the new style and the old style There are three differences between the new format and the old format of the Article 36 Agreement. Abolishment of seals and signatures Installation of checkboxes relat to agreement parties The form to be us changes depending on the presence or absence of special clauses In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, many administrative procures have been review for stamping.

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Agreement also abolish the seal and signature. However, this is limit to the case where an “agreement” is prepar separately from the 36 Agreement Notification. 36 The agreement notification can also serve as an agreement, in which case a Egypt WhatsApp Number List seal or signature is requir. This is because it is necessary to prove that it was conclud with the agreement of both the employer and the worker. The ‘Installation of checkboxes relat to agreement parties’ is for workers’ representatives to ensure that they meet the requirements. It is stat again that he is not in a position close to the management and that he is a person elect in a democratic way.

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It is also a change that the format us is different depending on the presence or absence of special clauses. In the old form, the same form was SG Phone List us regardless of the presence or absence of special clauses, but in the new form, it is necessary to use it properly depending on whether there are special clauses or not. 2-2. The new format improves the convenience of electronic application Notifications of labor-management agreements, including 36 agreements, have chang to a new format, making electronic applications more convenient.

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