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There are limits to working with Excel. Even a company that has never made mistakes before will not necessarily continue to be error-free in the future. Considering the introduction of the system early is also important in terms of risk avoidance. Do you know about selling, general and administrative expenses? If you are an accounting person, you may have seen it. Even if you know that it is a kind of expense, there are many people who do not know what kind of expenses are specifically includ. In this article, we will explain selling, general and administrative expenses.

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So please refer to it.First of all, selling, general and administrative expenses are divid into “selling expenses” and “general and administrative expenses”. Some people may have doubts about the fact that they are divid into selling, general and Argentina WhatsApp Number List administrative expenses, but there is a clear reason for doing so. Here, we will explain the definitions of selling, general and administrative expenses and why they are referr to as “selling, general and administrative expenses.” 1-1. Selling expenses Selling expenses are the costs incurr by a company to provide goods or services. For example, in order to sell goods in a store, it is necessary to hire employees.

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Hiring employees costs money, and of course you have to pay them. All of these are sales costs. In addition, it includes the advertising expenses necessary to advertise the product, the shipping and delivery expenses of the product if you operate a mail-order site, and the storage expenses necessary to store the inventory. In addition, sales SG Phone List expenses can include transportation expenses for employees to commute to the store and sales commissions paid to agents. Selling expenses are a very important factor that is directly link to operating profit in a company. The lower the selling expenses, the higher the operating profit. However, rucing sales costs is not the company’s goal.

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