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But which is a market reference and remains in balance with the cash flow ; The Question (or Doubt) : requires high investments, but has a low return on the resources invest; The Cash Cow : generates a lot of profit with little investment; And Pineapple : it generates very little profit and has nowhere to grow in the market. Using these quadrants, it is easy to visualize: The possibility of market growth for such products or services (the axis from bottom to top, from smallest to largest).

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And the market share (from right to left, also from lowest to highest). I imagine you’ve already gain insights just by reading my explanation so far, but it’s not over yet: we ne to talk about the life cycle ! The life cycle of products or services The fact that the BCG Matrix is ​​a simple graph makes it obvious which phase of the life cycle a product or service is in: If it is emerging now; If it is already ripe; Or if it is in decline. This clarity gives way to more Latest database assertive decision-making for each phase: Providing constant growth ; Maximizing the value of Dairy Cows; Rucing errors caus by impulsiveness.

Increase the returns on your investments

 Dining tables Desks, for example, have a moderate market share but a low growth rate. We could classify them as a Doubt or Question in the BCG Matrix. Cabinets With a low market share and high growth rate, cabinets would definitely be the Stars ! Chairs Chairs would be the Cash Cows in the BCG Matrix because they have a moderate market SGP Pone List share and a moderate growth rate. Bookcases Lastly, shelving could be a Pineapple , since the market share is low and so is the.

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