When Outsourcing Disposal

So it does not take up space like paper documents, and the risk of information leakage and disposal can be ruc. In addition, since a log is kept for each operation, there is no ne to keep track of when and who perform what operation, making it easier to operate in compliance with “safety control measures.” In addition to facilitating collection and management, it also has a function to remind you of My Numbers that ne to be discard, which helps prevent omissions due to human error. There are also services that can be link with external functions, so if you want to ruce the hassle of managing.

My Numbers and operate efficiently

You may want to consider it. 3-2. Store documents by document and year If you are managing your My Number on paper, it is a good idea to manage it separately by document, year, and storage period. In particular, the storage period is divid into Ecuador Phone Number List the following periods: Year 7: Tax withholding certificate, duction for dependents (change) declaration, etc. Year 4: Employment insurance-relat documents Year 3: Industrial accident insurance-relat documents Year 2: Health insurance, social insurance (welfare pension)-relat documents Keep these documents separate so they don’t get mix up.

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Also, when storing your My Number

You must keep it in a safe with a lock, etc., and keep it strictly in place so that it does not leak outside. Organize by year and arrange for proper disposal at the end of the year. 3-3. Do not write My Number on unnecessary documents Finally, be SG Phone List careful not to write your My Number on unnecessary documents or databases. For example, if you record a discard My Number in a “My Number Handling Record Book” as a memo, you will also have to dispose of it in an appropriate manner. For this reason, it is important to view originals and databases as a basis, and keep copies and output of data to a minimum for efficient disposal.

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