Trust a Life Without Trust

From there he went to all the cabarets of London and the brothels of Paris… Polo, Pitigrilli, Oxford, tennis, Austin Re, cabarets, cocaine, pophiles, golf, Russian greyhound, horses, Curtiss, Napier; Tdy Crownchield Soto Menor, modern man! (italics are mine) ( Duke I, p.74) This description that the narrator makes of the protagonist allows us to understand Tdy “as a product of a worldly ucation […]; The protagonist is, in short, the stereotypical caricature of a dandy […] (in which) being Peruvian is an accident of birth […] The emblem of the wealthiest youth of Lima is, in every practical sense, a foreigner.

Dose of Believing Without

Throughout the story, Lima’s transition towards modernity is evident. This can be seen in different chapters of the novel. For example, when Tdy speaks to his friend Carlos Suárez Villa: – I vaguely remember mule carts, gas lighting, cobblestone business email list streets. This has progress, hasn’t it, Carlos? – Notably, and progress now serves to confirm that we were once beasts. ( Duke I, p. 78) Thus, “the modernization of Lima begins with the application of the philosophy of progress inseparable from the idea of ​​scientific and technological advancement of the industrial world” (Vielakamen Castaña, 1989, p.

Seeing That We

Progress that also generates the fragmentation of man. The sordid life that the lima bourgeoisie lead is nothing more than the result of an alienating posture that leads them to dehumanization. The reference to places such as jirón de la unión, paseo colón or plaza san martín is not free. It shows the change of the city, since at the beginning of the 20th century these SG Phone List spaces were the main meeting center of the highest socioeconomic powers of lima. Regarding this matter, reyes tarazona clarifies that: in the 1920s, lima had begun its second attempt at modernization , with the usual improvisation, in the context of a particular social, economic and cultural effervescence.

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