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I think it’s hard to understand even if you hear it in words, so I’ll explain it using a concrete example. For example, let’s say you have $1,000,000 in sales. Of course, in order to make a sale, you have to use your assets. There are a lot of expenses that must be paid in order to carry out the work, such as personnel expenses and miscellaneous expenses. Comparing a company that spends 8 million yen to generate 10 million yen in sales with a company that spends 5 million yen, the company that uses 5 million yen to generate 10 million yen in sales is more efficient.

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I would say it is good. Efficiency analysis is the analysis of this. The fewer assets you use to increase sales, the better, so companies must conduct an efficiency analysis to figure out how to use fewer assets or increase sales. It’s difficult to Benin WhatsApp Number List increase sales without using assets, but it’s desirable to have a lot of sales for the assets you put in. If you only focus on sales, you will not know whether your business is running efficiently or whether you are wasting money. It is important to pay attention to “how much assets were us” and “how much sales were made.

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Efficiency Analysis Index Drops

The higher the index obtain from the efficiency analysis, the better, but there are exceptions. For example, a luxury jewelry store. Luxury jewelers have to source gems to sell in order to generate sales. Money is ne to purchase, so rucing the SG Phone List amount will lead to a ruction in the assets us. However, if you walk into a high-end jewelry store and don’t have a lot of gems in stock. Your customers won’t get a good impression. If the number of items in stock is low, customers will think that there is nothing they want even if they go to the store, resulting in fewer customers.

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