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Equal pay for equal work simply means that equal wages must be paid for equal work. The rules of employment not only contain matters relat to working hours and retirement, but also how wages are calculat, so it is necessary to review the rules of employment according to the situation. In addition, the rules for equal pay for equal work stipulate that not only wages such as basic salary and various allowances, but also benefits and ucational opportunities should be the same as regular employees. Therefore, it is recommend to review the work regulations relat to vocational training.

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Employment publish by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, there are absolutely necessary items that must be includ in the rules of employment and relatively requir items that must be specifi only when rules are establish. ▽ Absolutely Romania WhatsApp Number List necessary items working time wage retirement ▽ Relative requir items Retirement allowance Temporary Wages/Minimum Wages cost burden health and safety Vocational training Accident Compensation/Out-of-Work Injury and Sickness Assistance Awards/sanctions Rules applicable to other places of business As mention above, the items that ne to be review in Equal Pay for Equal Work are items relat to wages, retirement allowances, temporary wages, optimal wages, cost sharing, and vocational training.

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Equal pay for equal work must apply the same treatment to short-term and fix-term workers who do the same work as regular employees. It is important to pay the same amount for commuting allowances, bonuses, overtime, etc. If the SG Phone List degree of contribution to work is the same. Relat article: What is the treatment of retirement benefits for equal pay for equal work? Points to note and points to check Relat articles: What will happen to transportation expenses with equal pay for equal work? Commentary on judicial precents and taxation 2. Elements of Treatment Differences that Should be Improv with Equal Pay for Equal Work wage difference.

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