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Items that must be includ in the rules of employment, there are also items relat to various benefits, retirement allowances, cost sharing, commendation, and vocational training that must be includ when rules are establish. When reviewing, correct the work rules as well. In addition, when you change the work rules, you must notify the head of the Labor Standards Act in your jurisdiction. In the unlikely event that there is a disadvantageous content for the worker, be sure to obtain the consent before making the change.An invoice system will be introduc from October 2023.

After the introduction

In order to receive the purchase tax crit for consumption tax, the supplier must issue a qualifi invoice, etc. Not every business can issue a qualifi invoice, etc., and it is necessary to apply through the appropriate procures. In this Singapore WhatsApp Number List article, we will explain what you should apply for and points to note with the introduction of the invoice system.The invoice system is a system that requires qualifi invoices, etc. from suppliers in order for taxable businesses to receive purchase tax crits. If you are a taxable business at this stage, you will be able to issue qualifi invoices by applying for invoice registration. First of all, it is necessary.

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To prepare an application

Form for registration of a qualifi invoice issuing business” for registration. Applications for registration can be made online using e-Tax as well as paper documents. After submitting the application, if the registration is approv after examination, the tax office will issue a notification of registration. In addition, the National Tax Agency SG Phone List publishes on its website businesses that are permitt to issue eligible invoices, so you can also check here. When registering, it is important to remember the application deadline. You can apply for registration of the invoice system from October 1, 2021. The system will actually be introduc from October 1, 2023. In order to respond to invoices.

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