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Are you familiar with the work of reconciliation? Most people have never heard of it unless they work in accounting or other business. Reconciliation is a task that must be done absolutely by the company. In this article, we will explain about elimination. It also explains the work flow and points to note, so please refer to it. Reconciliation is the work of eliminating the balance of accounts receivables and payables such as accounts receivable and accounts payable. For example, let’s say you have an incoming payment for an accounts receivable. If there is an account receivable payment, it means that there is a payment statement that accompanies it, so it is possible.

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The correct amount has been deposit, or whether the account receivable has been deposit in the first place, by looking at the payment statement. By erasing the data that has been deposit during the check, we can check whether the accounts receivable can be collect as request, whether there is a discrepancy between the remaining accounts Whatsapp Mobile Number List receivable data and the actual payment, or whether there is a delay. There is no collection. You can check whether This is the work flow call reconciliation. 1-1. Difference between deposit reconciliation and payment reconciliation The reconciliation perform when the product price is receiv is call “receipt reconciliation”, and the reconciliation perform when the price is paid is call payment reconciliation.

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In Both Cases Accounts Payable

The reconciliation work will be done when the payment is made, so don’t forget it. 1-2. Reconciliation entries for accounts receivable and accounts payable. We will explain the journal entry processing when you make a deposit of accounts receivable and a payment of accounts payable. Accounts receivable reconciliation journal First, we will SG Phone List process the journal entry for accounts receivable. After that, if you can confirm the payment of the accounts receivable, let’s process the reconciliation. If you sell a product worth 100,000 yen on crit and the account receivable is transferr to your account at a later date, it will be journaliz like this.

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