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If the same conditions are met. Also, don’t forget about non-statutory holidays such as congratulatory or condolence leave. Vacations provided independently by companies must also treated equally regardless of employment status based on the principle of equal pay for equal work. In this way, when considering equal pay for equal work, it is necessary to always consider whether there are unreasonable differences in treatment fore acting. Therefore, on this site, we are distributing materials free of charge that explain the reasons why specific treatment differences are provided regarding the methods that companies should respond to, as explained in this chapter.

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Your company’s response or recognition of equal pay for equal work, please download and check the “Equal Pay for Equal Work” guide here . 4. Review the retirement allowance system based on the Supreme Court precedent on equal pay for equal work Discussing the system Various complaints have en raised over the principle of Nepal Phone Number List equal pay for equal work. In particular, there are notable judicial precedents, such as the Supreme Court precedent in the Metro Commerce case, regarding the difference in treatment of retirement allowances tween regular and non-regular workers. Based on the precedents of the Supreme Court, it is important to review.

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The existing retirement a system

Allowance system, such as “confirming whether the difference in retirement allowance is based on reasonable criteria” and “establishing a system for promoting non-regular workers to full-time employment.” is. In addition to the SG Phone List retirement allowance system, let’s work on improving internal rules once again to make sure there are no unreasonable differences in basic salary, various allowances, and vacations.Working conditions, which are important factors for workers to work, such as wages, working hours, and holidays, must clearly specified at the time of hiring. In particular, items that are particularly important, such as wages, need to clarified in a tangible way, such as documentation.

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