The Attendance Management System

If the company wants to discuss overtime pay, we recommend that you hire a lawyer. Above all, a law firm that specializes in corporate legal affairs and is familiar with labor and labor issues can handle any case. If you manage your working hours correctly and pay your workers overtime, you will not have any problems, but there is a possibility that you will be su for trouble with your workers. If it is actually consider a problem in court, the following penalties will be impos, so be careful. Additional money delay damages In the past court precents.

Separately Which May Increase

There are cases in which a company lost a lawsuit relat to overtime payment claims and was order to pay 3 million yen or 7 million yen. In addition, there are cases where workers consult with the Labor Standards Inspection Office because they were not paid overtime pay correctly. Depending on the judgment of the Labor Standards Colombia WhatsApp Number List Inspection Office, if the problem is serious, guidance and recommendations may be issu. In addition, regular inspections (inspections) conduct by the Labor Standards Inspection Office confirm whether working hours and overtime payments are being made appropriately. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with managing working hours.

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The Burden On Employees

It is recommend that you consult with a law firm that is familiar with working hours. 5. If you lose your time card, you can replace it with a record of entering and leaving. The building or a record of starting your computer! It is recommend to SG Phone List introduce an attendance management system in case of loss. System management Timecards are essential for managing working hours and paying proper wages. However, if you stamp and manage timecards on paper, you may lose the timecards. Not having a time card is not a violation of the law, but if you fail to record working hours correctly. You will be fin up to 300,000 yen.

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