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This post is a collaboration of Susan Soto Giraldo, professor in the Department of General Studies at the Universidad Privada del Norte. References: Denegri, M. (August 29, 2017). «From the fucking mother» [Video]. Recover from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O56r2NgL-Q * Denegri (2017) assures that “de la puta madre” is a Peruvian term that is us to praise the quality of a thing, to praise it, it also refers to the excellence of something. Espinoza, W. (1997). The Incas. Lima: AMARU itores. National Institute of Statistics and Informatics (2013) First specializ national survey on disability Retriev from: https://www.

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General Law of Persons with Disabilities (October 20, 2012). Retriev from: legal Ministry of Health (2017). [website]. Retriev from http://www.minsa.gob.pe/portalminsa/efemerides/discapacitado/discapacitado.htm Poma, G. (2012). New Chronicle and Good Government. Lima: Horizonte itorial.Among the prominent b2b leads authors of the avant-garde, the work of José Diez Canseco reflects traits that could be plac in the so-call pure avant-garde . This is due to the thematic richness and characteristic style enjoy by his precious novel Duque , to which, unfortunately, critics have not dicat a thorough work.

Calm and Serene Thanks to the

Whoever enters this novel will find a dynamic language: humor, irony, sarcasm and, behind everything, a purpose of clear denunciation of the themes of modernity and anti-bourgeoisie that make modern man a fragment being, lacking in values ​​and wrapp in a sordid, trivial and empty SG Phone List environment. Duque begins its pages with the figure of Tdy Cronwnchield, a young man who arriv from Europe, describ as the emblem of modern man: He practic sodomy at Oxford, us cocaine, and his lack of conscience l him to admire women. At the age of eighteen he graduat from Oxford to enter the Trocadero.

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