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At this stage, the capital had begun to restructure spatially, with the still slow movement of wealthy families to Paseo Colón, at that time the periphery of Lima. In this way, a frivolous and dizzying pace of life is stag, but, in the end, it will be demonstrat that, despite the cosmopolitanism of the families that hold power, the subsistence of traditional values ​​will bring ruinous consequences for the life of the protagonist. (sf, p.128) That is to say, the subsistence of traditional values ​​in the bourgeois class can be interpret as the world of appearances, due to the fear of scandal as a characteristic of the Lima bourgeoisie.

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Perhaps, as Birger Angvik refers in his article “From the textual signifier to the “real” referent: The criticism in Lima against Duque de Diez Canseco”, the business lead true protagonist of Duque is neither Tdy, nor Beatriz, nor Carlos Suárez, not Astorga, but Lima itself” (1992, p. 344), which longs for the past in the face of an imminent chaotic modernity.It was October 23, I will never forget it. For me, no day is routine. There is always something new to learn, to observe and to know.

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However, no one can be ready when the fate of the disastrous knocks on the door of your home to tear a piece of you away and that was precisely what I felt that night when I saw my belov pet, a German shepherd/beagle cross, faint. in front of me. He had rarely gone out alone; others and as usual, accompani, but that day I couldn’t imagine that that farewell we SG Phone List both had in the morning was going to be the last of all. In my house, when I brought a dog for the first time, my mother told me that we did not have enough space to have it or because I suffer from asthma I should be more considerate of my allergic situation and avoid dust, lint and pets.

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