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If you want to, choose the equal or balanc method for dispatch destinations, so let’s choose on a case-by-case basis. We also distribute free materials that explain the concept of equal pay for equal work, such as the equal and balanc method explain in this chapter, in an easy-to-understand manner using diagrams. If you are concern about the basic concept of equal pay for equal work, please download and check the “Handbook for Equal Pay for Equal Work” here . 3. What is the wage level of dispatch workers under the labor-management agreement method? Different wages In the labor-management agreement method.

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The wages are determin by the temporary staffing agency, and the wages of the temporary staffing agency must be equal to or higher than the wages of general workers engag in the same type of work. The wage level is calculat by multiplying the Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List detail job type. The ability and experience adjustment index. The standard value is the 0th year, and the average wage is increas from the standard value for Labor-Management Agreement Method (Article 30-4 of the Worker Dispatching Act) “Wage standards for general workers engag in the same type of work”” 4. How to determine the wages of dispatch workers decision making logic Finally, I will introduce how to calculate the wages of dispatch workers.

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Please refer to the wage levels introduc earlier. The wages of dispatch workers are Basic salary, bonus, allowance, etc. Commuting allowance Severance pay calculat for each 4-1. Calculation method of basic salary, bonuses, allowances, etc. Of dispatch workers Base salaries and allowances are calculat as follows: standard value. For each SG Phone List occupation x ability/experience adjustment index x regional index. Standard values ​​for each occupation are convert into hourly wages including bonuses and announc by special tabulation of the Basic Survey on Wage Structure. The ability/experience adjustment index that follows is calculat according to the length of service.

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