Taxable Sales For The Year

In order to use the simplifi taxation system. The amount of taxable sales two years prior. To the year in which you wish to apply. The taxation system must be 50 million yen or less. 2-2.I have submitt the necessary documents If the first requirement is met, the simplifi taxation system will be appli. Simply by submitting the necessary documents. This notification must be submitt by the day before the accounting period in which you wish to use simplifi taxation. If the year is the first year of operation, the requirement for simplifi taxation can also be met by submitting the necessary notification during the accounting period of the first year.

Advantages of the Simplifi

Taxation System smiling man Let’s take a look at the two major benefits of using the simplifi taxation system. 3-1. Ruce administrative burden If you want to calculate consumption tax by simplifi taxation, you can easily do it by simply using UAE Phone Number List the deem purchase rate for the consumption tax receiv. Unlike principle taxation, there is no ne to manage documents or detail information such as invoices to prove consumption tax paid for purchase tax crit. It would be nice to be able to greatly ruce the administrative burden. 3-2.It may be possible to ruce the amount of tax to be paid as a result Under the simplifi taxation system, the tax amount is calculat using.

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The deem purchase rate

If the tax amount calculat using the deem purchase rate is less than the difference between the consumption tax receiv and the SG Phone List consumption tax at the time of purchase, as in principle taxation, it will be possible to save tax as a result. 4. Disadvantages of the Simplifi Taxation System worri woman While the simplifi taxation system will help small and mium-siz enterprises with sales of less than 50 million yen, it may also be a disadvantage. Make sure you keep in mind the two drawbacks you want to keep in mind.

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