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Negative impact on recruitment and retention of non-regular workers. Unreasonable differences in treatment may lead to civil lawsuits. Companies with unreasonable differences in treatment. Between regular and non-regular workers run the risk of adversely affecting recruitment and retention rates. It is also necessary to pay attention to the risk of workers filing civil lawsuits trigger by unreasonable differences in treatment. If the court finds that there is an unreasonable difference in treatment, payment of the wage difference between regular employees and non-regular employees and compensation for damages may occur.

Even if there are no penalties

For violating equal pay for equal work, you should be aware that if you do not comply with equal pay for equal work, you will have the above risk. On this site, we distribute materials free of charge that use diagrams to explain what companies should respond to as risk countermeasures for equal pay for equal work. If you have any concerns Senegal Phone Number List about your company’s response. Please download and check the “Equal Pay for Equal Work” guide here . 4. SMEs should take early action to realize equal pay for equal work! Discussing From April 2021, equal pay for equal work will also apply to SMEs. Like large companies, SMEs ne to review unreasonable differences in treatment.

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From the four perspectives

Of “basic salary,” “bonus,” “various allowances,” and “benefits and ucation and training.” The Part-Time/Fix-Term Employment Law, which is the basis for equal pay for equal work, does not specify penalties. For violations of equal SG Phone List pay for equal work. However, considering the negative impact on the recruitment and retention rate of non-regular workers and the possibility of civil litigation, it is important to deeply understand the concept of equal pay for equal work even for small and mium-siz enterprises. Relat article: Detail explanation of penalties stipulat in the Part-Time/Fix-Term Employment LawThe expense settlement system is an effective tool that greatly ruces the burden on the accounting staff and promotes the efficiency of operations.

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