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Failure to issue a qualifi invoice may result in consequences such as termination of subsequent transactions. For example, if most of your customers are general consumers, the impact of not being able to issue eligible invoices will be small. However, if many of your customers are corporations who use your business for entertainment purposes, etc., there is a possibility that customers will go to other stores if you cannot issue qualifi invoices. In that case, we will have to carefully consider future measures with a view to changing to a qualifi invoice issuing business.

Accounting work will become

More complicat than now In order to receive the input tax crit, it is necessary not only to keep the eligible invoices but also to keep the books. Therefore, the books must also be creat according to the invoice system. In addition, it is expect that the work will be more complicat than before, as it will be necessary to check the Cambodia Phone Number List incoming invoices for eligible invoices and non-qualifi invoices. In addition, if the accounting system that has already been introduc does not support the invoice system, it may be necessary to repair the system or re-install the system, which may cost money. Therefore, it will be necessary to review the accounting work and the current system.

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The invoice system is start

What restaurants should prepare for the invoice system How to consult By preparing well in advance, you will be able to respond smoothly when the invoice system starts. Here, we explain what restaurants should prepare. 3-1. Understand SG Phone List the flow of procures to become a qualifi invoice issuing business To become an Eligible Invoice Issuer, fill out the prescrib application form and bring or send it to the tax office having jurisdiction over the place of tax payment. The application form can be download from the National Tax Agency website. In addition to the methods describ above, you can also apply for registration from e-Tax.

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