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First, the creat invoice is approv internally. Each company has a different process for getting approval, especially. In the case of paper management, it often takes time to get approval. So get approval as soon as possible. After that, enclose the creat invoice in the envelope along with the cover letter. (Invoices creat with electronic data will be print on paper and enclos.) Then, as soon as preparations are complet, they will be shipp. If you notice any mistakes after sending, please reissue it as soon as possible, and send it again with an apology to the other party.

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How to respond and points to note when requesting reissuance of an invoice 3-1. Mail the invoice If the invoice is mail, the approv invoice must be enclos with the transmittal letter. In this case, the invoice must be sent as a “correspondence”. In addition, it is necessary to devise ways to prevent confusion with other mail items, such as Mexico WhatsApp Number List writing “invoice is includ” on the surface of the envelope. In addition, there are rules about the size of the envelope and how to put it in, so be careful. Relat article: Can invoices be sent by fax.

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Methods and precautions Relat article: How to send invoices and the advantages and disadvantages of mailing them Relat article: How to choose paper suitable for printing invoices and about printers 3-1-1. How to put in an envelope Invoices are SG Phone List generally enclos in “Nagagata 3” or “Kakugata 2” envelopes. At this time, let’s fold the invoice in three for “Nagagata No. 3” so that when you open the document, the letters “invoice” will be visible first. When enclosing in “Kakugata No. 2”, instead of putting it as it is, put it in a clear file before enclosing it to prevent creases during mailing.

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