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Once the agreement is conclud, the procure from conclusion to notification is complet by notifying the director of the local Labor Standards Inspection Office. On the other hand, in the case of the 36 agreement, it is almost the same as compulsory savings until the conclusion. However, for the 36 agreements, applications are made using a form call “Notification of the 36 agreements”. As a new form from April 2021, a check box has been add to indicate whether the representative is qualifi. Any incompleteness will invalidate the form, so fill it out carefully and submit it.

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To the new form, electronic application by e-GOV is also possible. Relat article: Labor-management agreements requiring notification and new formats for 36 agreements 3. What are the penalties for violating labor-management agreements? person giving punishment sign There are two types of penalties for violating Taiwan WhatsApp Number List labor-management agreements. One is when an employer violates an item describ in the Labor Standards Act without concluding a labor-management agreement. The other is when the upper limits and regulations set forth in labor-management agreements are exce. Violation of the Labor Standards Act may result in heavy penalties depending.

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The first type of labor agreement violation is when an employee is forc to work in violation of the Labor Standards Act without concluding a labor agreement. For example, they forc workers to work 10 hours a day even though the 36 agreement SG Phone List was not sign, and they put part of their wages into savings before signing a forc savings agreement. In both cases, as a violation of Article 119, Item 1 of the Labor Standards Act, there is a possibility that “imprisonment with work for not more than 6 months or a fine of not more than 300,000 yen” will be impos as a penalty. In addition, even if a labor-management agreement is conclud, it is not possible to forcibly exce an upper limit or a certain limit.

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