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The major change is that the head office of a company with multiple business offices can now submit a collective notification of agreements (electronic application only). Until now, each business establishment that conclud the 36 agreements submitt the agreement to the head office, and the head office report it to the Labor Standards Inspection Office for each business establishment. However, with the new form, you can submit the agreements for each office that have arriv at the head office all at once. Furthermore, electronic signatures and electronic certificates are no longer requir for e-Gov electronic applications.

Notes on the new format

There are two points to note when using the new format. Choose a format according to whether there are special clauses check box confirmation The check boxes are locat below the columns that describe working hours, number of workers, etc. If you forget to check it, it will be disabl, so be sure to fill it out. As with the old format, the accuracy El Salvador WhatsApp Number List of the description is of course necessary. Also, be careful not to submit the notification too late. Relat article: Labor-management agreements requiring notification and new formats for 36 agreements 3. Differences between the labor-management agreement method and the Article 36 Agreement r balloon Next, I will explain the labor-management agreement method and the 36 Agreement.

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Abolish The Seal And Signature

This knowlge is absolutely necessary for personnel affairs in companies relat to the temporary staffing industry. 3-1. The labor-management agreement method sets the wages of dispatch workers One of the labor-management agreements, the 36 agreement, concern overtime work and work on holidays. On the other hand, the labor-management SG Phone List agreement method is an agreement that has the property of “setting the wages of dispatch workers equal to or higher than the average wages of general workers doing the same work.” Dispatch business operators are obligat to select either this labor-management agreement method or the “equal and balanc method of dispatch destinations.

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