Omissions In Expense Settlement

The timing of the applicant’s submission and the approver’s receipt. May not match, or the approver may be too busy to approve. (3) The accounting department approves, and journal entries and refunds of advances are made. We will check the applications receiv from each department, book them, and issue refunds to the relevant employees. It may take time to rewrite the contents of the application, or you may make a mistake in transcription. 1-2. Expense reimbursement flow when the expense reimbursement workflow system is introduc.

Applicant applies on the system

Most systems allow you to apply not only from a PC, but also from a smartphone. So you can apply on the spot from the moment expenses are incurr. This ruces the risk of lost receipts. There is also a system that can be set so that the Ivory Coast Phone Number List application will not be submitt if the requir items are not complete, which can ruce the number of remands due to incompleteness. (2) The approver approves Approvers can also check from their smartphones and do not ne to affix their seals, so they can receive, check and approve applications anywhere and at any time. Even if a return occurs, it can be return to the applicant without time loss, so time loss is also suppress.

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Accounting department approves and settles

When the accounting department that receives the application approves the application, the booking is made on the system. If there is no problem with the contents of the entry, you can register with one click by reflecting it. In addition, by linking the SG Phone List payroll system and the expense settlement system, it is possible to ruce the procure work for refunding the relevant amount. 2.Benefits of introducing an expense reimbursement workflow system Introducing an expense settlement workflow system will have a significant impact on expense settlement operations. A workflow system is very effective in lightening the burden of expense settlement operations. Let’s take a look at the four benefits of introducing an expense settlement workflow system.

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