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There are various problems and points to note in the work of erasing. Of course, it is an essential task in the company, but if you do not understand the problems, you may make a big mistake, so please be careful. 2-1. Work gets complicat as the size of the company grows The reconciliation work itself is very simple. However, as the size of the company grows, the number of deposits and withdrawals will increase steadily. As a matter of course, there will be more consumption, and the work will become more complicat. As a result, there is a possibility that the reconciliation will not be made in time for the monthly settlement.

Which Will Cause A Delay

The closing of the monthly settlement. This is the problem with reconciliation. Strictly speaking, the problem is that there is no system in place to simplify the process of reconciliation, even though it must be done. Reconciliation work is Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List often done using Excel. Excel is equipp with calculations, functions, filter functions, etc. and you can manage the payment date and amount for each billing destination. Macros can also be us to automate repetitive tasks. As you can see, Excel is convenient, but as the number of business partners increases, the amount of data itself increases, making it difficult to manage. Please think that there is a limit to doing reconciliation work with Excel.

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Rawback Of Being Easily Individualiz

Human error occurs This is relat to the problem I mention earlier. But even if you use Excel to automatically perform calculations, you will not be able to eliminate input errors. Ultimately, it is human to check whether the amount is SG Phone List correct and whether. It is written in the correct place. Therefore, human error is bound to happen. And if you set macros, the management becomes complicat, so the number of people who can handle it is limit. As a result, there is a possibility that the task of reconciliation, which must be done every month, will become dependent on the individual. If a person takes a long time off due to poor physical condition, there will be no one who can do the work.

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