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In addition, all receipts for transportation expenses had to be check and scrutiniz by the person in charge of accounting, which was a considerable burden. By introducing a cloud-type expense reimbursement system, employees can apply for expense reimbursement wherever they are, and approval can also be done online. As a result, not only has the process from application to approval of expense reimbursement been sp up, but it has also become possible to effectively build rules for approval and check applications.

Ruction of time and cost

For reimbursement of expenses The third example is the introduction of the expense settlement system, which ruc the time, labor, and costs requir for expense settlement operations. At this company, the data creat in Excel was print out on paper, and receipts were past there to settle expenses. During the busy season when employees travel South Africa Phone Number List more, the amount of expense settlement work alone becomes enormous. Since this company does not have a large number of employees, the person in charge of accounting was also in charge of other tasks, and the expense settlement work was putting pressure on normal work. By introducing the expense reimbursement system.

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To perform the expense reimbursement work, which had taken time and effort, with one click, and the management of employee information was also streamlin. As a result, more time and effort can be devot to routine tasks. Although it SG Phone List costs money to introduce an expense settlement system, you can see that it may result in a ruction in time and cost. 2. Points improv by introducing the expense settlement system woman pointing finger The introduction of the expense reporting system will improve various processes of expense reporting. Let’s take a look at some of the points that can be improv by the expense settlement system. 2-1. Eliminate the hassle of applying The big benefit for applicants will be the ease of completing.

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