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First of all, sort out the average monthly number of contract conclusions, how long it takes to conclude contracts and mail, how long it takes to respond to work, etc., and how much work man-hours will be ruc after the introduction of the electronic contract service. or simulate it. 2-4.Cost performance perspective The electronic contract service requires a monthly usage fee and an initial fee. Since it is a service that is premis on mium- to long-term use, by paying a monthly usage fee, we calculate the stamp tax, mailing cost, labor cost, and transportation cost that can be sav, and determine.

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Calculate what you can get. So far, I have explain the points for selecting an electronic contract service, but on this site, we are distributing Oman Phone Number List materials that summarize the introduction flow and checklist for those who are considering introducing an electronic contract service free of charge. If you want to quickly check what is necessary and what to consider when introducing an electronic contract service, please download and check the “Guidebook for Getting Start with Electronic Contracts” from here.

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What to do if the other party

Does not accept the electronic contract If a business partner has not introduc electronic contracts, it is important to explain the safety and merits of electronic contracts and have them understand. Even so, there may be cases where business SG Phone List partners refuse to use electronic contracts. How can I convince you to use an electronic contract? Here, we will explain the tips for requesting electronic contracts from business partners and what to do if you are not satisfi with the use of electronic contracts. 3-1. Appealing the merits of electronic contracts When requesting electronic contracts from business partners, let’s emphasize two points: “safety in terms of security” and “ruction of work man-hours and costs.

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