Management Agreement Is Not Concluded

Note that even if you have a 36 agreement, you cannot make them work without breaks. In this case as well, a violation of the Labor Standards Act is punishable by imprisonment with work for not more than six months or a fine of not more than 300,000 yen. However, it is not a violation of Article 36 of the Labor Standards Act, but a violation of Article 32 of the Labor Standards Act, which determines working hours, and Article 35 of the Labor Standards Act, which determines holidays. 3-1. What happens if a labor-management agreement is violat.

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Of the labor-management agreement are exce, there is a possibility that the Labor Standards Inspection Office will issue a recommendation for corrective action. In addition, the contents of the disciplinary action differ depending on the Thailand WhatsApp Number List Labor Standards Inspection Office. If a violation of labor-management agreements or the Labor Standards Act is discover, it is necessary to immiately grasp the situation and take measures to improve it. Relat article: What are the differences between labor-management agreements and collective bargaining agreements, their positioning, and penalties for violations? 4. The labor-management agreement abolishes.

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The framework of the Labor Standards

Act and exchanges new rules between workers and employers. rule A labor-management agreement is an agreement that establishes a new framework bas on the agreement of both the worker and the employer regarding inconvenient parts SG Phone List of the Labor Standards Act. An agreement is conclud in a form that leaves evidence on paper, and depending on the content, it is report to the Labor Standards Inspection Office. However, the upper limit will not be abolish, and only conditions other than the Labor Standards Act will be appli as an exception, so let’s not misunderstand. Labor-management agreements that require notification will only be effective as labor-management agreements after the notification is receiv, so do not forget to submit the notification.

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