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This is because we cannot deny the possibility that other companies may be adversely affect by a company’s decision-making. For example, let’s say Company A makes cakes. Let’s say that you purchas the fresh cream ne to make a cake from company B. In this case, if company B stops producing fresh cream and switches to another product, company A will naturally be in trouble because there will be no suppliers of fresh cream. However, a company’s decision cannot be overturn just because other companies suffer a disadvantage. The company has the right to conduct business freely. However, it is a different story if Company A has voting rights in Company.

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What is voting rights? Voting rights are simply stocks. Company A owns shares of Company B and has voting rights, making Company A a shareholder of Company B. Shareholders have the right to vote against company policy. In other words, Company B cannot stop manufacturing fresh cream on its own. Of course, there are many benefits to Bahamas WhatsApp Number List owning voting rights. After accepting the disadvantages of owning shares, Company A has voting rights in Company B because it would be a problem if the production of fresh cream ceas. It is a natural right of a shareholder to be able to express opinions on management policies. Affiliat companies are companies that hold 20% or more of the voting rights.

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In this case, if Company A owns 20% or more of the voting rights of Company B, Company A is an affiliat company of Company B. In the first place, a company is legally own by its shareholders, so you can think of an affiliat company as “a company SG Phone List that owns more than 20% of the total.” 1-2. Stock ratio is not the only criterion The amount of voting rights held is an important point in determining whether a company is an affiliate or not. However, that alone does not determine whether a company is an affiliate. Specifically, a company may be consider an affiliate even if it does not own 20% of the voting stock.

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