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The number of disabl people in our country is alarming. In this regard, the INEI (2014) carri out a study whose figures establish that there are 1,575,402 Peruvians who have this condition. This study has not been updat since 2012, the year in which the information was collect. Some important and surprising data that this document leaves us translates into the fact that 40% of this population depends on another person (mostly daughter, mother or spouse) to carry out their daily activities. The respondents, in addition, do not know public or private institutions or organizations that care for disabilities

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Nor do they know the regulations in their favor (88.9%) or the function perform by conadis (an organization creat for this purpose and others relat to disability). Therefore, the national b2b email list willingness to reserve a day, october 16, to commemorate the day of persons with disabilities (minsa, (sf)) is understandable in order to initiate a true reflection about the rights, nes and opportunities they have. These people, and make the necessary changes to eliminate the obstacles to their full social integration. I always try to share information about this topic with my students.

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I tell them what happen to my father and I also tell them that the first step to walking through life with a disability (and overcoming it) is the commitment of the family and the willingness of the affect person to participate in their therapies and accept their situation with good spirit. condition. It wasn’t easy for us. We fac hundrs of snubs and citizen obstacles. But a year after what happen and with everything I experienc, it has SG Phone List been worth it because I have felt my father return and recover: when I ask him if he loves me – I will remember his condition of aphasia -, he respond with a phrase that is a sign of his notable improvement

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