Items To Be Enter In The

Details of changes date of consent Company/Representative Position Name/Seal Consent date Worker’s address, name, seal Furthermore, if there is a change in wages, benefits, etc., it will be more effective as objective evidence if you show in writing how much disadvantage will occur for each worker compar to the current situation as an attachment and obtain an agreement. 3. Commentary on points to fill in the agreement to change working conditions pointNext, I will explain the points to be fill out in the working conditions change agreement. 3-1. Reason for change in working conditions Indicate why the change in working conditions is necessary.

Common reasons include wishes

The employee Company circumstances Others (social conditions, etc.) If it is for the company’s convenience, the reason for the Latvia Phone Number List change should be as specific as possible and stat so that the worker’s understanding can be obtain. 3-2. Working conditions change date Enter the date when the working conditions will actually be chang and the operation will start. If the changes are large, one way is to make them step by step. 3-3. Details of changes Describe in detail the place of work, the content of the work to be engag in, working conditions, wages, holidays, etc.

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If the consent form alone is not enough

Use an appendix and describe it in detail so that the worker’s understanding can be obtain. Also, not only the specific conditions for the change, but also the disadvantages that accompany the change should be comprehensively describ. For example, if you change your work location from your company to your home and you ne to introduce SG Phone List telework, you ne to clarify the following points. Is there payment for communication expenses, utility bills, etc.? Handling of transportation expenses How to confirm the start of work/employment, how to take a break/vacation Can I use a company computer.

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