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Reasons for application, advantages and disadvantages Table of contents [ hidden ] 1. What will happen to congratulatory and condolence money with equal pay for equal work? 2. What is the concept of equal pay for equal work? 3. Criteria for judging unreasonable differences in treatment 4. Equal pay for equal work means that not only wages but also benefits must be equal to those of regular employees.Under the principle of equal pay for equal work, there must be no difference in treatment between regular employees and regular employees, not only in terms of wages but also benefits. In fact, the guidelines publish by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare are as follows.

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Such as cafeterias, rest rooms, changing rooms, company housing for transferees with the same requirements such as whether or not they are transferr, congratulatory or condolence leave, work exemption and paid security for health Paraguay WhatsApp Number List checkups are the same. must be given. Quote: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Guidelines for Equal Pay for Equal Work ④ Welfare and ucation and Training” As mention above, at this time, there is only an agreement regarding congratulatory or condolence leave, and there is no clear description of congratulatory or condolence money. However, in the case of equal pay for equal work, differences in treatment should not be establish on the grounds that “the employment format is different from regular employees.

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So it is necessary

To pay congratulatory and condolence money in the same way as regular employees. In addition, according to materials actually releas by the Hyogo Labor Bureau, “Welfare programs such as congratulatory or condolence SG Phone List leave, congratulatory or condolence money, family allowances, and cafeteria plans that are provid only to regular employees are also available to short-term and fix-term workers. In response to the question “Should I give?” Bas on the Part-Time/Fix-Term Employment Law, which has been appli since April 1, 2021, it is prohibit to set unreasonable differences in treatment in all treatments, so consider the circumstances and provide appropriate treatment ne to decide.

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