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It is also a great advantage that you do not waste the time and cost of traveling to and from the company. 3-3. Realization of work-life balance If accounting work can support telework, the way employees work will diversify. You will be able to work in a way that matches your personal circumstances, making it easier to balance work and family. Also, while other employees are teleworking, “going to the company just to get a seal” or “going to the company to send an invoice” will lower your motivation. If employees can benefit from telework through the introduction of the system, job satisfaction will also improve.

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You can also expect positive effects such as increas corporate engagement and increas attachment to the company. 4. Points for invoice processing during telework invoice Telework invoice processing requires thorough security. If negotiations with the Denmark WhatsApp Number List counterparty do not go well, you may consider outsourcing invoice management. Learn more about the importance of security and outsourcing. 4-1. Thorough security measures Thorough security measures are requir when invoice processing is perform using a cloud server. ● Own a company-dicat network. Set restrictions on folder access ● Raise employees’ security awareness.

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Install security software You don’t want sensitive data sitting on your server unprotect. Use a VPN (virtual private network) or limit folder access. At the same time, it is also necessary to conduct security training, etc., And have employees have an SG Phone List awareness of crisis management. In addition, home computers are constantly threaten by malware. Instruct each employee to install security software on his or her personal computer to prevent the virus from spreading from one employee. 4-2. Consider outsourcing the receipt Even if you digitize your own invoices, you may still receive paper-bas invoices from other companies. In this case, the accounting staff will have no choice but to go to the company and handle it.

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