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Note Labor Standards Act | e-Gov Law Search 1-1. [Matters to absolutely specified] Contents that must specified in writing, etc. Wages, working hours, and other matters that are particularly important for workers to work must clearly stated in writing. (Matters related to salary increases may verbal.) Labor contract period (whether there is a fixed period, how long if so, whether or not it will renewed, criteria for renewal) Place of work Work to performed (If there are multiple locations, specify the address. Also, clearly descri the work content such as “accounting”) Start and end time.

Start work time break time

Prescrid time Existence of outside work) *In the case of a shift system or a shift work system, enter the change in working hours (working pattern) holiday Nigeria Phone Number List vacation Wage determination/calculation/payment method/deadline/payment period/pay raise Retirement (including reasons for dismissal) These items must made clear and communicated to workers at the time of hiring, regardless of the form of employment. 1-2. Items requiring clarification under the Revised Part-Time Labor Act According to the revised Part-Time Labor Law (Articles 6 and 16) that came into effect in April 2015, when hiring part-time workers, etc.

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Items must clearly stated in writing or by e-mail, in addition to the absolutely explicit matters. must Presence or absence of salary increase Presence or absence of retirement allowance Bonus Consultation desk (including the department in SG Phone List charge, the name of the person in charge, and the phone numr) For 1 to 3, if yes, write down the timing and amount. 1-3. [Matters to Relatively Clear] If there is a provision, content that needs to clarified verbally, etc. The following information must disclosed to workers only if the company handles it. There is no problem even if it is not in writing. Scope of Workers Covered by Retirement Allowance Determination and calculation of retirement allowance, method of payment and timing of payment.

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