Important To Note That Equal

That it will develop into trouble because it is not subject to equal pay for equal work. 1-1. When does the indefinite conversion rule apply? The timing of application of the indefinite conversion rule varies depending on the contract period. If the contract period is one year, the indefinite conversion application right will occur after the fifth contract period ends and the sixth contract is conclud. Therefore, if you apply for an indefinite term conversion in the 6th year of the contract, it will be treat as an indefinite term labor contract thereafter.

On the other hand

If the contract period is 3 years, the first contract period will end and the right to apply for indefinite conversion will occur at the time of the second contract. Therefore, if you apply for an indefinite term contract during the second Turkey WhatsApp Number List contract, it will be treat as an indefinite term contract from the 7th year onwards. An employer cannot refuse an employee’s application for conversion to an indefinite term. 2. What are the risks of indefinite employment? RISK Next, I would like to introduce the risks of indefinite employment under equal pay for equal work. for specific risks The treatment of fix-term employment is taken over without improvement.

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There is a difference in treatment

Compar to regular employees Equal pay for equal work is not appli and treatment is not review and so on. 2-1. Treatment is inherit without SG Phone List improvement The working conditions that are the contents of the labor contract without a fix period pertaining to the application shall be the same working conditions (the working conditions ( (Excluding the contract period.) Quote: e-Gov Law Search Labor Contract Act (Article 18, Paragraph 1) If the full-year contract period exces 5 years and is convert to indefinite employment, the labor contract before the conversion will continue to apply.

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