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Please refer to the contents introduc this time to deepen your understanding of marginal profit and use it for future business development. Equal pay for equal work means that not only wages but also benefits must be equal to those of regular employees. Welfare as well Under the principle of equal pay for equal work, not only salary (basic salary), but also benefits must be treat the same as regular employees. Therefore, it is necessary to match the treatment with full-time employees even for congratulatory or condolence leave and congratulatory or condolence money. Unreasonable differences in treatment are ultimately determin by the courts.

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Difference in treatment, immiately rectify it, and if it is not unreasonable, give an explanation so as not to cause trouble with the worker. The concept of balanc treatment that does not determine unreasonable treatment and equal treatment that Qatar WhatsApp Number List prohibits discriminatory treatment is importantEqual pay for equal work is a system to eliminate unreasonable differences in treatment between regular and non-regular employees. The part-time/fix-term employment labor law has been appli from April 1, 2020 for large companies and from April 1, 2021 for small and mium-siz companies. In addition, the Worker Dispatch Law has been appli to temporary workers since April 1, 2020.

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Currently, penalties for equal pay for equal work have not been enact, but there are precents in the past for claiming damages for unreasonable differences in treatment. This time, I will explain whether it is necessary to review the employment SG Phone List rules for equal pay for equal work, the elements of treatment differences, and points to note. If you are considering reviewing the current employment regulations, please take a look. In the first place, if you are wondering “What is equal pay for equal work?”, click hereWhat is equal pay for equal work? Reasons for application, advantages and disadvantages.

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