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In order to respond flexibly, let’s use an electronic contract service that allows you to import contract data that has been sign in writing. Support both electronic and paper contracts by allowing scann contracts to be import. Some electronic contract services do not have a function to import contract data or can be us as an optional function, so let’s check. 2-2. “Electronic signature” function that ensures legal validity and security According to Article 3 of the Electronic Signature Law, “electronic signature” among electronic contracts is recogniz as having the same legal effect as a written contract.

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With the client. In order to secure legal validity, let’s use an electronic contract service that adopts “electronic signature”. There are some services that allow you to use only the electronic signature function for free, but since the New Zealand Phone Number List electronic signature is simply a signature function that does not have an “electronic certificate” grant by a certificate authority, it may not be possible to guarantee identity verification. Please refer to the following article for the electronic signature method. An easy-to-understand explanation of the electronic signature method! What are the points of the article that should be kept in mind.

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Exchange personal information and confidential information on the web. It is also important to choose a service with sufficient security measures such as communication encryption. 2-3. Viewpoint of man-hour ruction effect Can electronic contract SG Phone List services really ruce the number of man-hours for start-up companies? A common reason for considering introduction is that the number of man-hours for the contract work is being allocat, which hinders the main business. Also, I think that many startup companies are working remotely. It is not desirable to come to the office just to conclude a contract or to stamp a seal, because it takes time to come to work, such as commuting time.

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