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One is the labor-management agreement system. Temporary workers enter into a contract with a temporary agency, but the actual work is done at the company where they are dispatch, so two patterns can be appli to their treatment. In the labor-management agreement method, the dispatch company decides the treatment of dispatch workers. However, the dispatching company does not decide on its own, and in order to conclude working conditions with dispatch workers, it is necessary to negotiate with a labor union organiz by a majority of the workers or a person representing the majority of the workers. An agreement must be conclud.

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In addition, the labor-management agreement method mainly determines the wage part of the treatment, and the use of welfare facilities and the implementation of ucation and training are decid bas on the information provid by the company to Guatemala WhatsApp Number List which the worker is dispatch. An outline of the labor-management agreement method is as follows. Contract between the temporary agency and the dispatch worker A labor agreement is conclud with a trade union representing a majority of workers or with a person representing a majority of workers. Regarding welfare facilities and ucation training, it is necessary to make the same treatment as the dispatch company Receive information from the dispatch company regarding welfare facilities and ucation and training.

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The point of the labor-management agreement method is that. The labor-management agreement has been correctly conclud, and that it has been submitt. To the Labor Standards Inspection Office after it has been conclud. Conclud with a SG Phone List person who does not represent a majority Inappropriate method of selecting representatives. Of the majority of workers Not notifi to the Labor Standards Inspection. Office or not approv In such cases, the labor-management agreement method cannot be adopt. When adopting the labor-management agreement method, install. It in a conspicuous place in the company, issue it in writing, and thoroughly inform dispatch workers.

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