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By priorities, I mean the activities with the greatest potential to increase profitability without increasing the amount of maintenance along with it. The difference between the BCG Matrix in helping with this mission is that it is a graphical tool with easy language . It even seems like a school game, where all you ne to do is identify among your products and services : Who is the Star? Who is the Cash Cow? Who is in Doubt? And who is Pineapple? Quadrants of the BCG Matrix: examples Since Bruce.

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 Henderson develop the BCG Matrix for the Boston Consulting Group in 1970, businesspeople around the world have benefit from this chart to inject money into the right diversifications ! By drawing a vertical and a horizontal new database line (where they intersect in the middle like a plus sign), you create four squares — or quadrants. BCG Matrix Each of these quadrants represents a type of product or service : The Star : the product or service that requires larger investments.

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And, with all this, increase your chances of competing (and probably winning!). With so many benefits , it’s hard not to stand out. CAC Calculator (Customer Acquisition Cost) Shall we analyze a practical example? I prepar an example of how to use the BCG Matrix to evaluate the portfolio of products or services in the case of a hypothetical furniture company . It’s almost a step by step! Identification of products or services In SGP Pone List this first step, the company identifies which products or services it offers. In our example, we could identify a furniture company’s products such as sofas, dining tables.

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