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For example. So that your online stores analytics serve you as efficiently as possible. Set e-commerce metrics for the entire purchase path its important that you dont just measure complet e-commerce purchases. From the point of view of online store development. It is essential in the dashboard that you take into account the customers entire purchasing process. Analytics should provide a comprehensive overview of both the functionality of the online store and the performance of the various digital marketing channels. In this way. Possible bottlenecks in the purchasing process and other areas of optimization are reveal.


Planning provides a good basis for

Careful planning provides a good basis for the implementation of the instrument panel and the implementation of the technical side of analytics. The important thing is that the dashboard is bas on the business goals and the entire business email list analytics is built on these – this way we can verify whether the set goals were reach. However. In addition to business metrics. But search for a company or service through google. For example. A person types instagram into google and this probably means that he wants to go to a specific page. And did not come to look for information about this service. Alternatively. We search for opening hours.


Support development and reporting

So that the metrics support development and reporting optimally. Reach – reach potential customers and direct them to your store in the reach phase. We measure SG Phone List how many potential customers we have reach and how much traffic to the online store comes from different channels. Such as organic search or paid social mia advertising. In the reach phase. Channel-specific visitor monitoring is essential from which channels do we reach potential customers and from which channel the flow of visitors is the largest.


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