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millennials. This assumption is supported by the high demand for skilled workers as developers. Almost all companies, regardless of their field, need IT personnel to keep up with the times. Maybe you often read articles or news on websites with the main idea at the beginning of the paragraph . The purpose of this writing technique is so that the reader sees an interesting main idea so that he or she wants to continue reading until the end. Main idea at the end of the paragraph The main idea at the end of a paragraph is generally the conclusion or summary of a paragraph. The initial sentence will first provide an explanation such as a past event and end with a conclusion at the end. Currently, there are many articles that do not use the main idea paragraph rule for writing them. So readers often skip paragraphs that they think are long-winded. Example Paragraph: Almost all types of companies really need.

IT personnel to keep up with the times

So the need for developer workers has increased recently. Therefore, many millennials take advantage of this opportunity and are interested in becoming a professional developer. Placing the main idea at the end of a paragraph tends to have the risk of boring the reader. If a paragraph has boring and long-winded explanatory sentences, readers may skip the paragraph. Of the two strategies for placing the main idea whatsapp database of a paragraph, an article writer always has his own way of making his writing interesting when read. There is also a strategy for determining the main idea to be interesting to readers, namely Mixed Main Ideas. Mixed Main Ideas Mixed main ideas can be determined by looking at the beginning and end of the paragraph. To make it easier, please see the following example: Example Paragraph: The future of IT graduates has many job opportunities.

This role requires special skills

 Companies need IT workers because of the development of an era that demands all technology. So many young people are starting to pursue this education. From the paragraph above, the sentences that are the main idea are the sentences at the beginning and end of the sentence. The sentence provides main information and further concludes a paragraph. The main idea is “The future of graduates in the IT field will have many job opportunities, so that many SG Phone List young people will start to pursue this education . ” The main key in determining the main idea of a paragraph is to read it carefully . So we can easily understand which are the main sentences and explanatory sentences. That’s all for the discussion on 5 ways to determine an interesting main idea. Hopefully this article is useful and easy to understand. 

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