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As the name of the form, “my number handling record book” “my number management lger” is common. Also, in the case of digital data, let’s leave a log of delet operations. 2-2. Conclude an outsourcing contract when outsourcing disposal. When outsourcing the disposal of My Numbers. It is necessary to select an appropriate contractor. After confirming whether safety management measures have been taken and the method of disposal. The reason is that if a company outsources the disposal of My Numbers, etc., it will be responsible for supervision. In addition, if My Number is leak as a result of inadequate supervision, the outsourcing company will also be held responsible.

Therefore when outsourcing to a contractor

It is necessary to conclude a business consignment contract that stipulates confidentiality obligations and the handling of My Number. 2-3. Receive a certificate when outsourcing disposal When disposing of My Number documents and Dominican Republic Phone Number List data at an outsourc company, a “disposal certificate” (dissolution certificate) issu by a confidential document disposal company is requir. The issuing method varies depending on the supplier, and is either paper or electronic. The time it takes to issue the certificate varies depending on the processing method, so be sure to check the method.

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Also, the disposal certificate itself must be stor for 5 or 7 years, so be careful not to lose it. 3. How to streamline the disposal of My Number efficiencyNot only managing My Number, but also destroying it takes a lot of time and money. Therefore, let’s build a mechanism on the premise of disposal in advance and prepare it so that the work can be SG Phone List done efficiently. 3-1. Introduce My Number Management System My number management system is a system that can centrally manage data from collection to disposal of my number. By introducing the system, My Number can be manag in a database.

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