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Start/end of work, break time The example of entering working hours differs depending on the labor system adopted, but basically, specify the starting and working hours, break time, and whether or not there is overtime work. [Example] Start of work (9:00) Work (18:00) Break time (60) minutes Existence of overtime work: Yes In addition, in the following labor system, it is necessary to enter information other than the start and work hours. Flexible working hours system: Enter the applicable date Flextime system: In addition to flexible time, enter core time.

If the labor system is complicated

Clearly state that you also refer to the work regulations. 1-5. Holidays Regular holidays such as Saturdays and Sundays are listed. For non-regular holidays, specify the numr of days per week or month. In addition, in the case of a variable working hours system, enter the numr of holidays in a year. [Example] Thursdays, Sundays, national Uganda Phone Number List holidays 1-6. Vacation In addition to the annual paid vacation, if there is a summer vacation, etc., write it down. [Example] Annual paid vacation: If you work continuously for 6 months → 10 days 1-7. Wages Basic wages, various allowances, their calculation method, overtime premium rate, etc. Also, specify the closing date, payment date, and payment method of wages.

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Example Basic salary yen per month

Wage closing date (basic salary) Wage payment date at the end of each month (basic salary) 20th of the following month In the “Deductions” column, enter “yes” if there are things that can deducted from wages, such as rented company housing SG Phone List and travel reserves. 1-8. Retirement Matters Descris whether or not there is a mandatory retirement age, procedures for voluntary retirement, reasons for dismissal, etc. There is no problem if the reasons for dismissal are written with reference to the End of Work Regulations. [Example] Retirement system (Yes: 60 years old) Retirement re-employment system (Yes: 70 years old) Procedures for voluntary retirement (report at least 14 days fore retirement.

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