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Establish a system for appointing non-regular workers to regular employment It was also taken into account that the Supreme Court precent in the Metro Commerce case establish a system for appointing fix-term contract employees as regular employees. In order to ruce the risk of litigation, it is also important not to fix the difference in treatment between regular employees and non-regular employees, but to establish a system that allows them to be promot to regular employees bas on certain conditions. 2-3. Hold discussions between labor and management.

On improving treatment of non-regular workers

In Supreme Court precents regarding differences in treatment of retirement allowances, it is also important to consider whether labor and management have discuss how to improve the treatment of non-regular workers. Even if there is a Morocco Phone Number List difference in treatment in the amount of retirement allowance, if it is determin bas on an agreement between labor and management, the court may not judge it as an unreasonable difference in treatment. It is important to hold discussions between labor and management, involving non-regular workers as well as regular workers, and to design systems bas on mutual agreement.

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Even in the supplementary opinion

Of Keiichi Hayashi, the judge who was actually in charge of the Metro Commerce case, “The retirement allowance system is design with an eye on the entire wage system, bas on labor-management negotiations, etc. It is customary to [Note 2] 3. Three points to check other than retirement allowance POINT When introducing equal pay SG Phone List for equal work, it is not only the retirement allowance system that should be consider. For example, regarding “basic salary”, “various allowances” and “leave”, it is necessary to eliminate unreasonable differences in treatment bas on the principle of equal pay for equal work. Here, bas on the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “Guidelines for Equal Pay for Equal Work”, we will introduce three points for implementation.

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