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What are variable costs? Variable costs refer to costs that fluctuate in proportion to sales, such as production volume and sales volume. This includes raw material costs, purchase costs, sales commissions, etc. Basically, as sales increase, the amount of variable costs tends to increase, so how much you can ruce the proportion of variable costs is an important point for increasing profits. 1-4. Difference from gross profit Gross profit (gross profit) refers to the amount of sales minus the cost of sales. Cost of goods sold includes the cost of purchasing and manufacturing goods and services.

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Therefore, the remaining gross profit can be said to be the add value of the product or service provid. 1-5. Difference from contribution margin Contribution margin refers to the profit per product, service, or department. Many companies Cambodia WhatsApp Number List offer multiple products or services. Contribution margin is us to calculate and analyze the profit for each product or service, or for the department that collects them. 1-6. Difference from operating profit Operating profit shows the profit generat by the company’s business activities. Let’s calculate by subtracting selling, general and administrative expenses from gross profit gross profit.

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Since profit from operating activities is usually the main source of income for a company, a negative operating profit indicates that the company’s business is not doing well. If the operating profit is negative and the marginal profit is positive, consider revising fix costs and ways to increase sales. 2. Relationship between marginal profit SG Phone List and break-even point worri woman In considering the marginal profit, it is also necessary to confirm the relationship with the breakeven point. By considering these two indicators together, it will be an opportunity to reconsider the management condition. The break-even point is the point at which revenue equals the cost of doing business, and is the number that marks the boundary between a loss and a profit.

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