Commercial background work

In the case of e-commerce. In the act phase it is essential to measure the performance of the e-commerce in different areas. Such as channel-specific performance. Functionality of the contents and the usability of the e-commerce – i.e. The route by which an individual e-commerce visitor becomes a buying customer. Does your customer find the necessary information. Instructions and advice so that he can move towards a purchase? And why does he add the product to the cart but never buy? In addition to metrics.


Phase traffic quality metrics

Examples of meters in the act phase traffic quality metrics. Such as time spent on the site. Bounce rate or number of business lead pages view additions to the shopping cart add-to-cart conversion rate going through the online store purchase process (shopping behavior) using internal search convert – measure purchases and find out which channels are the most profitable in the convert phase. As the name of the phase suggests. We focus on conversion.


Addition to just looking at roas

You can run regular analyzes knowing youre looking at SG Phone List fresh reports. Or you can select a specific time period to look for trends or anomalies. Consistency segmenting customers bas on the rfm SG Phone List model helps you maintain consistency in segment analysis and rfm segment development. You can easily see the value of average purchases. How often purchases are made and how much sales can be prict for the following months. How can you start taking advantage of the rfm strategy? Instead of a manual model and analysis. We recommend using modern.

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