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By concluding a labor-management agreement, exceptions. To the Labor Standards Act are recogniz, so employers do not have to be punish even. If workers deviate from the standards of the Labor Standards Act. For example, if you conclude a 36 agreement, which is a type of labor-management agreement, the employer can extend working hours within the upper limit set by the Labor Standards Act. However, labor-management agreements do not give orders regarding labor, including working hours and rest periods. Employment rules, on the other hand, ensure that employers have the right to give orders to workers regarding labor.

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Conditions and presenting them to workers, the right to issue orders according to the written rules arises. Employment rules must be creat in accordance with the Labor Standards Act, but unlike labor-management agreements, they are creat only by the employer. Relat article: Explaining the obligations and priorities of work rules in Sweden WhatsApp Number List labor-management agreements 1-2. Effective period of labor-management agreement There are various types of labor-management agreements, but among them, there are five that must stipulate the validity period. Labor-management agreements that must be valid and their validity periods are shown in the table below. Effective period of labor-management agreement See also: Should labor agreements have a period of validity.

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Security Attorney Office For example, under Article 36 of the Agreement, the validity period must be set between 1 and 3 years. The reason why one year is desirable is that the period cover by the Article 36 Agreement is one year. Please note SG Phone List that when concluding any of the above five labor-management agreements, the effective period must also be specifi at the same time. Relat article: What is the effective period of labor-management agreements (36 agreements)? Explain the necessary cases and reasons 2. Cases requiring notification to the Labor Standards Inspection Office Procures at the government office So far, we have introduc the basics of labor-management agreements.

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