Before Retirement And While

This law of equal pay for equal work also applies to post-retirement re-employment, stipulating that if the weight and scope of responsibility, work content, etc. are the same, employees will receive the same wages as other employees. Relat article: Re-employment after retirement is subject to equal pay for equal work? Explain advantages and disadvantages 1-1. Advantages and disadvantages of re-employment after retirement Re-employment after retirement has not only advantages but also disadvantages. The merits include the trouble of searching for a job that I mention earlier and the sense of security that I can get a job I am us to again.

Eliminates the hassle

Of searching for a job from scratch No ne to remember your business The amount of welfare pension receiv will increase And so on. On the other hand, a disadvantage is Job title may change From the age of 65, you must find a job on your own (some companies can hire people after the age of 65) wages may fall And so on. There is a rule that Netherlands WhatsApp Number List unreasonable differences in treatment should not be made for equal pay equal work, but in most cases wages are lower than before retirement. In the next section, we will introduce case law regarding wage disparities that actually occurr due to re-employment after retirement.

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Introducing judicial precents

Regarding wage disparities after re-employment after retirement resign The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has establish guidelines for equal pay for equal work, stating that the Part-Time/Fix-Term Employment Labor Act also applies to SG Phone List fix-term workers who continue to be employ after retirement. [Note 1] [Note 1] Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Guidelines for Equal Pay for Equal Work” Therefore, even in the case of re-employment after retirement, it is necessary to decide the treatment in the same way as before retirement.

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