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Sooner or later they accept my pet or rather he won them all over: he was funny, playful and stubborn; Definitely, in less than eight weeks we were all familiar with my dog ​​and his antics. He came to me because he was offer to me and I adopt him. They made me choose between several puppies and when I saw among several photos one in particular caught my attention, that peculiar black cross that he had on his forehead caught my attention. Months pass and that cross disappear.

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 When it began to take shape we realiz that it was going to be a larger size than usual. The dog I brought home was a large bre! The vet confirm it to me and I took business database him to his checkups and he receiv all of his vaccines. Just after a year of living with us, I went running in the mornings with him. The holidays were over and in my absence my family would take care of him. Every time I came home from work, there was something new about what my small yet big puppy did.

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Tuesday morning, the day he never howl, I didn’t think it would be the last. That day at night, after my classes, I was preparing for a presentation that I was going to have the next day as a moderator of an event at the university. I arriv home SG Phone List around 9 at night and my mother told me that my pet had gone out in the afternoon, while they were doing some sliding door installations in the patio of my house, and had not yet return. On one occasion – I didn’t tell you – my dog ​​was late returning because he was chasing a female.

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