Attracting potential customers through

And cutting back on declining activities, products or services. I will explain each of these phases below! Introduction and Growth New, early-stage products or services can be classifi as Questions (Questions) in the BCG Matrix because they have a low market share but high growth potential. Maturity When products or services have slow growth but stable market share, they are classifi as Cash Cows in the BCG Matrix: cash generators! Decline Products or services with low market share and negative growth can be call Pineapples in the BCG Matrix. It’s almost always best to minimize them.

And stop leaks! Practical guide how to choose

 Tip: How to identify the Ideal Customer Profile for my business? Importance of the BCG Matrix: how to use it to stand out in the market? I wouldn’t say that the BCG Matrix is ​​us specifically to stand out in the market , but such prominence ends up being a natural consequence of the main benefits of the matrix, which are: Make inform decisions; Make data-bas decisions; special data Increase the visibility of areas to invest; Optimize the portfolio of products and services; Just like avoiding peeling unnecessary pineapples.

The BCG Matrix Also known as the official

Growth rate! Tip: How Orgânica generat more than R$10 million in business opportunities for Móveis Masotti Strategies for each category After each product or service has been identifi and analyz as in the example above, what remains is to plan the most strategic decisions for each category. Cash Cow (sofas and chairs) With the data in hand — and with clarity about where SGP Pone List the sofas and chairs are in the business’s profitability hierarchy — our fictional company could adopt new strategies to maximize.

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